Hippo Logistics’s sister company, Dolphin Logistics Co., Ltd., has been working in freight forwarding filed for many years and had established very good relationship with most of main airlines.The good relationship enables Hippo Logistics enjoying very good and smooth cooperation with the airlines and is able to gain sufficient spaces and competitive prices as well.No matter import or export to/from Taiwan or even delta trade between different countries worldwide, Hippo Logistics is able to handle all these shipments without any fail.

Generally speaking, “speed” is the most important demand of the airfreight shipments.Hippo Logistics has professional, cordial and careful operation and documentation staffs that issue the documents promptly and accurately to assist clients finish all the export procedures at the shortest time and ship out the cargo smoothly.For the import shipments, we assign professional operation and clearance staffs at the airport assisting clients finish the import clearance and pick up the cargo promptly.As to the delta trade shipments, we keep closely contacts with our worldwide agents/branches to provide clients timely information and assist them to control their worldwide shipments in Taiwan.